The three skills of putting are Read, Feed, and Speed.

Pick your line (Read), roll the ball accurately down your line (Feed), at the correct Speed. Sounds simple in theory. But, we know making putts is challenging. The PGA Tour Baseline Probability of making a putt from 10 feet is only around 38%.

The first step to exceptional putting is to develop a simple, fluid motion. The keys to a simple fluid motion are:

  • Good Alignment
  • Setup and Posture
  • Balance
  • Good Rhythm
  • Consistent Tempo

THE PUTTING T-BAR is a "self-discovery" guide. It will provide the necessary feedback to help you learn simplify your motion. The T-Bar improve will guide you to develop an advantageous Setup, improved Alignment, and Rhythmic motion. And, the Balance Rod that accompanies the T-Bar will help develop good balance and timing. The results are great instincts for accuracy and speed. Visit the Putting T-Bar page to learn more.

When I conduct a putting session with my student, the T-Bar is the most important tool in my toolbox.

LASER OPTICS - Laser Optics v.I has been the most effective method of assessing putter alignment for over 20 years running. The high power green laser pointer and clever design allows an instructor accurately demonstrate putter aim. Laser Optics v.II is the latest and greatest development and will transform "chalk line" and self-visualization training. The Power ON button allows for both manual and remote operation. Laser Optics v.II is offered in two models; LO v.II Deluxe model and LO v.II Training model. Visit the Laser Optics page to learn more about the newest, coolest practice aid in golf.

PUTTING T-BAR GUIDELINES and LASER OPTICS GUIDELINES - helpful guidelines for using these great training aids.

The CONTACT US page is available for email inquiries, international orders, and to set up by appointment a personal putting session if you happen to be in the Houston area.​​

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