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A Little Background on Myself

With my former partner, Kirk Currie, we developed the very first comprehensive putting fitting system back in the 1990's. Originally licensed to Slazenger Golf, we milled all of the putters in our machine shop located in The Woodlands, TX, for the more than 1,200 fitting carts distributed worldwide. We were the very first to incorporate putter aim as a key attribute in the fitting process. With that, Laser Optics was born. Initially, a simple red laser pointer, calibrated on a base platform, and directed at a white target backboard, I have since taken Laser Optics to the incredible assessment/practice aid it is today. For almost 20 years, I have worked with some very bright putting coaches. Through hundreds and hundreds of putter fittings and lessons, I realized that the putting motion is primarily a non-conscious action. Audio, video, and demonstration learning was not enough. I needed something that provided instant feedback. Thus, I developed the Putting T-Bar. The T-Bar communicates what I cannot with words, video, or demonstration; "feel". These days, I manufacture each T-Bar and Laser Optics, much of the work at the very same machine shop.

Through the years I believe I have developed a critical eye for putting, which has contributed to my development as a competent putting coach. My love for baseball and experience as a player led me to coach my boy's teams for over 20 years. I believe this coaching experience in patience and communication skills has helped define me as a teacher.