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Below are a few testimonials I have received from the many PGA instructors and T-Bar users:

"Rick, I am using the T-Bar with every lesson now. The success has been incredible. It gives my students the feel and the feedback that they have never had. It's really a great item."  
Mike Shannon, PGA, Top 50 Golf Digest Teacher, Sea Island Resort, GA

"Why doesn't everyone have one of these?"
Ben Kohles, PGA Tour Player, as quoted per Mike Shannon after working with the T-Bar

“I am continually on the search for Putting Aids which emphasize correct pendulum motions. This (the T-Bar) is a wise investment if you are serious about your putting!"
Christine Regenberg, Teaching Professional, La Quinta CC, CA

"Love the T-Bar"  
Suzy Whaley, PGA, Top 50 Golf Digest Teacher, TPC River Highlands, CT

"I have enjoyed using The Putting T-Bar with our team and appreciate the email tips you send out. You skill is very obvious and makes it easy for me as a coach/instructor to relay to my students."
Kevin Williams, Women's Head Golf Coach, East Carolina University

"Since I've met Rick Wright, we've moved up 100 spots in the NCAA rankings."
Jonathan Dismuke, Head Coach, University of Houston Men's Golf Team

"Rick - Got to work with T Bar today and in my opinion this is the best training aid for putting that I have seen. Sometimes I do not feel my $ was very wisely spent but not this time. This will definitely enhance my putting instruction."
Rea Schuessler, PGA, Director of Golf Operations and Instruction, Kiva Dunes Golf Club, Gulf Shores, AL
"Actually it (The Putting T-Bar) is one of our best teaching tools - and we have a lot - check us out at www.golfaf.com - we are serious and only offer our clients the best teaching tools."
Cliff Wise, President, Golf Analytics Fitness Inc., Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Been working with the T-Bar in the garage and my putting is pretty ridiculous. Literally all I do is pick a target and pull the trigger. I had 9 one putts last week with a long time friend of mine that I always play big money matches with... It was literally to the point where he felt he had no chance to beat me in the match and he stopped me and asked me for a putting lesson. Sorry, didn't tell him about the T-Bar, just made up some jargon I heard Johnny Miller say on TV :). Its just too big of a competitive advantage... I couldn't bring myself to tell him.
Derrick C., T-Bar User, Houston, TX

"Rick, I just spent my 2nd session with Nannette Hill, LPGA Tour Player, who is recovering from dual elbow surgeries. We are obviously working on putting first as she works her way back from a medical leave which started in the beginning of her rookie year.She loves your Putting T-bar and asked me to get her one. She has been a world class ball striker but needs consistency on mid-range putts. The T-Bar takes the hit out of her stroke and allows her "feel" to come in. I have been teaching her since she was a young teen when she won 3 NY State Juniors followed by an All-American career at Wake Forest. She won an event her rookie year on the Futures Tour but had to get surgery on both elbows in 2011. I believe your putting T-Bar will help her rise to the top when she returns to the tour in the spring. I also work with the St. John's University Golf Team and would love to get one for the players to take on trips. It took me awhile to see how great your invention is, but now I do." 
Mike Diffley, PGA, Pelham CC, NY 

I decided to give the T-Bar a fair chance as I wasn't putting that well. In my opinion, the goal of any putting stroke is to start the ball on the proper line with the proper speed. I wasn't doing that consistently, so to test the T-Bar, I set up the Putting Scope designed by Michael Breed. The Putting Scope is a long rod supported by two hoops or goal posts. With the ball directly under the center of the rod, I hit ten putts using my old style and hit the side of the hoop 3 out of 10 times. In other words, the ball was not starting on the proper line due to a fault during the stroke, as aim was validated by the rod.  I then hit 10 balls with the T-bar and center cut the hoops everytime. 100 putts later with T-bar and I still hadn't missed the center. I conducted the same test with our local high school team, and out of 60 attempts without the T-bar they hit the side of the hoops 8 times. With the T-bar they were 60 out of 60.  I am now a believer. Thanks for inventing the T-bar."  
Mark Guttenberg, PGA, Aldie, VA

"I have found the Putting T-Bar to be extremely helpful. Well done! I have also found that having the student go back and forth between a putter with the T-Bar on and their normal putter quite quickly between trials, and then changing distances REALLY helps! Thanks for the great learning aid!"  
John Dunigan, PGA Master Professional, Aronimink Golf Club, PA

"The Wright Putting T-Bar is fantastic."  
Shelby Lowman, PGA, Trump National Golf Club, NY

"It works.  I shot 65 with 29 putts the first round after practicing with it.  I finally made those 12-15 feet putts that have been frustrating me. I will order some for students soon!"  
Stephen Puryear, PGA, Sunset Landing, AL

"Thanks for sending me the putting T-Bar!  I have had instant success with this device. Well done!  This is genius!!"  
John Lyberger, PGA, Congressional CC, MD

"The T-Bar provides immediate feedback. Every putt rolls solid and true. I use it in every lesson now."   
Dr. Craig Farnsworth, Putting Instructor and Author, La Quinta, CA

"Thanks for the call about the T-Bar.  What a great putting training tool!  Instant feedback and teaches without talking, even better." 
David Crafton, PGA, Jackson CC, TN

“Rick, your T-Bar is genius in its simplicity. Not only does it connect the golfer fundamentally, it results in a much better ball roll profile.”  
Glen Coombe, "The Putting Doctor" Presenter of the SAM Certified Putting Instructor Program, SC 

"I used the T-Bar briefly with our Men’s club champion this eve...he walked off the 9th hole disgusted with his putting stroke/technique and wanted an answer immediately...so I just quickly put the T-Bar on his putter, and connected his hands in a bit better position & pressure..and he was gob smacked and over the moon!! He saw it & FELT it immediately!!! It was all of 10 minutes, and he was rolling it with total confidence. "  
Jeff Howe, Golf Professional and Certified Putting Zone Instructor, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"The T-Bar is the best teaching tool I have ever used for putting. I believe it provides the feedback that you can't communicate to your student. I also think about half of my students will purchase the T-Bar."   
Don Willingham, PGA , Angle Fire, NM

"Thanks for sending me the T-Bar, it is great.  I have been using it every day and love it.  Also, I brought it into Interlachen CC and showed it to a couple of the Pros here and they would love to order one for teaching.  I would like to order two more if possible for two instructors here." 
Brian Bohlig, PGA, Interlachen CC, MN

"The T-Bar is ON FIRE. Everyone that I have worked with wants one. I sure hope others are experiencing the same thing."  
Bill Smittle, PGA, Scarsdale Golf Club, NY

"Rick, just wanted to let you know that the T-Bar I ordered has shown tremendous results... I have been using it with a very good high school player of mine and her stroke has improved tremendously and immediately! On a personal note, I have NEVER putted better myself. Shot 66 last week with 1.3 putts per GIR and rolled it just as well my next two rounds!"  
Ron Herridge, PGA, GC at Walden on Lake Conroe, Montgomery, TX

"Rick... I have used the T-bar 4 times so far... 2 adults and 2 children. In both cases, they were able to feel the movement so much better, that it made it evident to them that what they thought they felt was not what they actually wanted to feel, and were trying to feel. This is a very effective aide. As a side note, the huge improvement was in the children... amazing!"  
Cary Lonis, Director of Golf, North Augusta G&CC, SC  

 "I want to echo whatever accolades are coming your way about the Putting T-Bar.  It's the best training aid I have used for putting."  
Roger Lundy, PGA, Academy Director, Gongaware Indiana Golf Academy, IN

"Gave two Putting clinics in the last two weeks and I am amazed at; 1.) How few people will take the time out to learn about putting, and 2.) The ones that do are like sponges, absorbing and grateful for the information given... People love the T-Bar."  
Ed Angulo, PGA , Paia, HI

"Bill Smittle, my Golf Professional at Scarsdale Golf Club, gave me a quick tutorial and I immediately ordered the Putting T-Bar from him. I received it a couple of days ago and the device is off the charts great! I am a serious golfer who believes in the importance of feel - I have never had the opportunity to practice with a golf aid that replicates proper feel, coupled with alignment and technique like the Putting T-Bar. Bravo to you, your invention." 
Mark Cohen, Putting T-Bar User, Scarsdale, NY

"I received the Putting T-Bar. This is one of the best products/training aids that I've had the pleasure of using. My putting immediately improved. It really demonstrates how to properly move your shoulders during a putt. Good luck with your product!" 
Carey N., Putting T-Bar User, Bos, FL