Step 3 - Train Rhythm, Stroke Balance, and Consistent Tempo

Rhythm is the flow of the motion; the movement of the shoulders, arms, hands, and putter all in perfect sync. The shoulders tend to move in a balanced manner back and through. Thus, if the motion is in perfect sync, the putter will reflect the balanced movement of the shoulders.

Tempo is the timing of the motion; consistency the goal from one putt to the next.

Stroke Balance is the relationship of the back stroke length and the forward stroke length. Each T-Bar is accompanied by a Balance Rod. The Balance Rod is a yellow alignment stick with color-coded markings 6", 12", 18", and 24" back and through. Master use of the T-Bar with the Balance Rod and you will build an accurate stroke with instinctive speed control.

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The Single Lever Stroke; one simple motion, back and through.

PGA Tour Player Henrik Stenson and LPGA player Beatrice Recari hone their motion with the T-Bar.

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Three Steps to Better Putting

Step 1 - Get Your Alignment Straight

Surprisingly, over 60% of golfers will align their putter over 4" left/right of the cup from just 10 feet. The result? A compensating motion that disrupts what should be a simple path to the golf ball.  Don't Treat the Symptoms, Fix the Cause!

LASER OPTICS is an excellent too assess your aim and improve your spatial awareness to your target.  The Putting T-Bar will guide you to a square setup and improved alignment. Visualize and establish your start line, determine you best steps to aiming accurately, and make them routine. Aim small, miss small.

Step 2 – Get Yourself Into an Advantageous Setup and Posture

The shoulders have the greatest influence over your stroke profile. It is advantageous to align your shoulders by setting up square and balanced to your target line. Next, it is very important to understand the relationship of your shoulder plane and related stroke profile. Learn to accept your personal stroke profile, or change it through setup and posture. Do this and you will eliminate all motion conflict, and create consistency and accuracy.

For example, the more upright you set your upper spine, the more horizontal your shoulders will move, and the more inward your path with greater rotation. The more flat your upper spine, the more vertical the shoulders will move, and the smoother the path. Figure 1 diagrams a more upright position with the shoulders moving more horizontal along the light blue line. The red line plotted on the Putter Path graph below represents the related stroke profile of this posture. Figure 2 diagrams a much flatter upper spine with the shoulders moving more vertical along the black line.  The blue line plotted on the Putter Path graph below represents the related stroke profile of this posture. 

The Putting T-Bar is like truth serum; it will resist compensating motions. With the T-Bar attached, your putter will reflect the shoulder motion. Therefore, the lesson here is to do your best to position your body more closely to Figure 2. Or accept a path similar to the red line.


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The brain has several levers it coordinates to apply energy to the golf ball, including the shoulders,  elbows, wrists, and hands. The more the shoulder lever is used, the less the smaller levers are used; quiet where it matters most.

The Putting T-Bar will guide you to learn a simple, fluid, single-lever putting stroke; the stroke preferred by the majority of PGA/LPGA Tour players. Through immediate feedback the T-Bar will help you to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate all excess motion and manipulation. Execute a set of putts with it attached; feel the motion, then detach it and let the learning take place. You will feel the difference. 

That is the power of learning, the power of the T-Bar!

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