"The Ladder of Success" drill, submitted by Coach Frank Hesson.

​Laser Optics v.I

Top Putting Coach Preston Combs using LO v.III

Laser Optics v.III

Laser Optics version I, originally developed in 1997, has been the most effective device in golf for assessing putter alignment for over 20 years. Why is it so effective? Because it allows an instructor/caddie/etc. to measure putter alignment under normal visual conditions with the player's putter and golf ball. Nothing attached to the putter to disrupt or influence visual alignment.

The high power green laser projects an intense point which can be seen in the bright sunlight. LO v.I is provided with a handy target backboard. The laser is mounted on and calibrated to triangular laser base with three base legs. The front leveler leg can be adjusted up/down to control vertical projection point. Square the base to the putter face and the point shows face aim. Or, remove the front leg entirely, square the base to the putter face, and simply tilt the base up/down. By tilting the base, the laser point will trace the aim line clearly on the putting surface. This method requires no target backboard, and can be performed on any putt, straight or breaking.

LO v.I comes with Target Backboard and a 16340 3.7v rechargeable battery with a built-in USB port + USB cord for easy recharging. The built-in USB port is relatively new battery technology.

Start Line Putting Demonstration

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The LO v.III Training model is a simple design, targeting the individual golfer for ease of use. The laser is mounted atop stable tripod. The solid line projection is used for start line, stroke accuracy, and visualization training. Place the unit behind the target and project line back at golf ball. Or, set it up from behind and project the line over and atop the golf ball and extend out front for start line. Both methods are great visuals.

The LO v.III Training Model includes:

  • High power solid line green laser with external USB Port
  • Tripod
  • Wireless ON/OFF Remote Control
  • 18650 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery with built-in USB port
  • USB Cord
  • Carrying Case

We offer a couple of Combo Kits at special pricing, including:

  • Pro Laser Kit which combines the LO v.I with Target Backboard + LO v.III. The LO v.I unit is devoted to aim assessment, the LO v.III devoted to start line/face awareness training. Every putting instructor should have this kit.
  • Laser Tandem Kit which includes 2 - LO v.III + Target Backboard
  • Teaching Kit which combines the LO v.I with Target Backboard+ LO v.III Training model +the Putting T-Bar with Balance Rod. The 3 essential tools I personally use in each putting session I conduct.

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Laser Optics version II has been discontinued and replaced by version III.

Putting Slope Demonstration

Making putts is hard. The overall probability of making a putt from 10' on the PGA Tour is roughly 38%. We have presented a very good example below. Three identical 10' putts, 12 stimp, die in the hole putt speed.

Left side video has a 1% R-L tilt, high side start line is 8.5" right at cup, or 4 degrees
Middle video has a 2% R-L tilt, high side start line is 19.75" right at cup, or 10 degrees
Right side video has a 3% R-L tilt, high side start line is 36" right at cup, or 18 degrees.

Regardless of technique, one of the skills to great putting is the instinct to putt your line. Imagination, visualization, and the instincts to accurately putt to your perceived path are the common threads among great putters.Laser Optics is the perfect tool to help develop your start line instincts.​

  • Laser Optics v.I is a high-powered green laser that projects a point and is used primarily for putter aim assessment. Literally thousands of coaches, instructors, and players worldwide use LO v.I.
  • Laser Optics v.II has been discontinued and replaced by version III.
  • Laser Optics v.III is a high-powered green laser that projects a solid line and can be used for start line, stroke accuracy, and visualization training.

Putt Speed Demonstration

Below are 3 videos demonstrating the "Cone of Safety", the range of start lines. 

10' putt, 12 stimp, 2% tilt R-L, low side line is firm speed, high side line is die in the hole speed.

Laser Optics v.III Training Model is a high-power green laser with a specially developed lens cap that projects a solid line on the putting surface. The Power ON/OFF button with wireless remote allows for both manual and remote operation of the laser. The wireless remote allows the golfer to strategically operate ON/OFF for setup and visualization training. V.III is exactly what we envisioned this product would become when we started its development a couple of years ago.

Improvements in the LO v.III include:

  • improved laser module for better and brighter projection consistency
  • an antenna mounted atop laser for 360 surround wireless ON/OFF control
  • improved remote control
  • a larger 18650 3.7v rechargeable battery with built-in USB for significant increased charge life
  • an external USB port will allow virtual AC/DC use
  • a handy carrying case

Tour player Billy Horschel reacts to the LO v.I aim assessment.

David Orr conducts a Cone of Safety drill training stroke direction intentions.

Wright Putting Dynamics

Home of the Putting T-Bar and Laser Optics

The "Cone of Safety" is such a great configuration, we have put together the ideal Laser Optics package to equip you for this training drill. The Laser Tandem Kit has great value and includes:

  • 2 - Laser Optics v.III Training Model + Wireless Remote + Tripod
  • 3 - 18650 3.7v Rechargeable Batteries + USB Cord
  • Target Backboard

Above is a 4' putt, 2% L-R Tilt, putt executed on the high side putt.

Ultimate Laser "Chalk Line" Training with Sasho MacKenzie.


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This drill is effective for both straight and breaking putts. I have personally responded well to this training exercise. The key attributes are:

  1. Extend "laser" start line inside your peripheral vision.
  2. Do not extend "laser" start line beyond separation point. Separation point is that point where the curve of the path separates from straight start line.
  3. Visualize perceived putt path extending from the "laser" start line.

The "laser" start line trains accuracy, visualizing extended path trains read and touch.